Monday, August 10, 2009

Caleb's First Official Drum Lesson

Because all the brothers play several instruments, Caleb always wants in on the fun! He loves his guitar and plays it and makes up songs all the time. He plucks at his little piano and does the same. He can be heard all over the neighborhood banging out beats on Cameron's drum set so we all give him mini lessons to encourage him. Today it was like a dream come true for him when I decided out of the blue that it was time for the boy's drum teacher to give Caleb his first official drum lesson. That boy showed us all what he had and his drum teacher was amazed! Here are a few pictures of Caleb strutting his stuff! Too cute!

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Miss Gillian's Ever Growing Word and Sentence List

  • "growl"
  • Baby
  • Ball
  • Book
  • cowboy
  • Dada
  • Dog dog
  • Hi there.
  • I want out
  • I want that on.
  • I want that.
  • Mama
  • me me
  • My car.
  • No, no, no, no
  • Out
  • Pants
  • pretty
  • princess
  • Rett (Garrett)
  • Rrarlee (Carlee the dog)
  • Shoes
  • Thank you
  • That
  • tiger
  • Up
  • What's that?