Sunday, July 5, 2009

Stars and Stripes 2009

Yentes and Watson Kids
Our Family

"You're a Grand Ole Flag"

"Some of those SPECIAL FIREWORKS" :)Mom and the guy in charge. lol

Sweet Girl!
Mom and G!
"Where exactly did you say you got those?"

We hosted our 8th annual 4th of July BBQ and Firework Extravaganza last night! This has become Gary and the boys favorite holiday because they get to play with fire! Every year Gary tries to outdo himself from the previous year (meaning he spends more money) lol. This year was the best show ever, mainly because he finally got a hold of some (special fireworks) without my knowledge of course. When he lit the first one, I jumped and exclaimed something like, "Wow! they are really amping up the firecrackers at the fireworks booth this year!" Everyone laughed since they all realized that he hadn't gotten these fireworks at the local firework booth. :) The funny thing was that illegal fireworks were going off all around us so Gary was a little disappointed. I guess other people had the same idea or they all went to the same "special firework booth". haha. We had a lot of fun and great memories were made! This marks for our family another year to celebrate our country's freedoms and independence. We are all so grateful for this land that we live in and for the blessings we have received at the expense and hands of so many others that have gone before us. Every 4th of July I remember with fondness my father's funeral. He was buried 8 years ago at the Veteran's Memorial Cemetery in Riverside and of course flags were flying all over and a military gun salute was given. My father served in WWII, loved this country, loved patriotic holidays and displayed a HUGE flag pole /flag in his yard from the top of the hill that their home was built on. My dad instilled his love of this country in me and we have tried to pass this part of my father's legacy on to our children. Happy Stars and Stripes Day!

Miss Gillian's Ever Growing Word and Sentence List

  • "growl"
  • Baby
  • Ball
  • Book
  • cowboy
  • Dada
  • Dog dog
  • Hi there.
  • I want out
  • I want that on.
  • I want that.
  • Mama
  • me me
  • My car.
  • No, no, no, no
  • Out
  • Pants
  • pretty
  • princess
  • Rett (Garrett)
  • Rrarlee (Carlee the dog)
  • Shoes
  • Thank you
  • That
  • tiger
  • Up
  • What's that?