Tuesday, August 26, 2008


We finally had Caleb's 4th birthday party. He thought it would never get here. I think it was worse for him than waiting for Christmas. ha ha.Caleb chose to have a Pirate Party so I set about gathering pirate paraphernalia. It really turned out cute. I bought some things, made a few things and borrowed a lot. We had everyone dress up and we took individual pics by the Pirate's Booty. I love gillian and Caleb's sweet pictures . Pirate children they be!


Fiagle Family said...

Looks like you guys had fun! HOw do you get the pic of your family in your title? Its really cute

Nelson Family said...

looks like you have had a great summer...your family is so darn cute!

Jackie said...

Caleb, your party looked like it was so much fun!

Miss Gillian's Ever Growing Word and Sentence List

  • "growl"
  • Baby
  • Ball
  • Book
  • cowboy
  • Dada
  • Dog dog
  • Hi there.
  • I want out
  • I want that on.
  • I want that.
  • Mama
  • me me
  • My car.
  • No, no, no, no
  • Out
  • Pants
  • pretty
  • princess
  • Rett (Garrett)
  • Rrarlee (Carlee the dog)
  • Shoes
  • Thank you
  • That
  • tiger
  • Up
  • What's that?