Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Trip to Zarahemla


Scrap Happy said...

Hi - I'm a complete stranger but came across your blog while searching for Christmas party ideas for my ward. I'm wanting to do a "Christmas in Zarahemla" theme, and it looks like you did the same thing - can you give me details on what you all did, possibly? It would be much appreciated!


kathy said...

Hi- I am also a complete stranger searching for Ward Christmas party ideas. We have chosen the theme Christmas in Zarahemla. I was wondering if you would be willing to share with me the ideas that worked well for your wards party.
Thanks a bunch!


Anonymous said...

i am doing that also and would love more info on a night in zarahemla

haslamfam said...

We're also hoping to have Christmas in Zarahemla as our ward party this year. I'm desperately seeking a program outline that would include parts of the nativity but be more relevent to what was happening in the Americas at the time of Christ's birth. Can you pass on your program outline? You would save another busy mom a tremendous amount of stress.. :-)

jenayentes said...

Hey uncle Gary and aunt Barbra i happened to look up google images of Yentes and ran across your blog! Looks like your all doing well. Feel like its been forever since ive seen all of you. Well you can email me at jenayentes@yahoo.com I would love to hear from you guys!

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