Thursday, November 8, 2007

Cameron's 2nd Visit to the Hospital

Well after looking at Cameron's x-rays yesterday, I knew we were heading to the hospital for surgery. The doctor said that she had a bad time trying to get his bones to line up in the ER Thursday night but it could work out fine. One quick peek at the x-ray told us that it wasn't going to work out fine. So back to the hospital we went. Cameron did very well. He was nervous of course and worried that he would feel the doctors doing the reduction again like he had in the ER but we just kept talking to him and encouraging him. I had to step out a few times because I had my own fears and needed to cry a little so gary being the rock that he is held everything together for all of us. The hardest part was watching Cameron be wheeled into the operating room knowing that he was scared and wanting us to stay by his side but he came thru it really well and doesn't remember a thing. The doctor ended up having to do another open reduction (making an incision on the top of the hand so she could see the bones) and then put 2 pins in the bones. Now he has a short cast and the x-rays look so much better. We are much happier with the way the bones are lined up so all is well with him for now.

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Miss Gillian's Ever Growing Word and Sentence List

  • "growl"
  • Baby
  • Ball
  • Book
  • cowboy
  • Dada
  • Dog dog
  • Hi there.
  • I want out
  • I want that on.
  • I want that.
  • Mama
  • me me
  • My car.
  • No, no, no, no
  • Out
  • Pants
  • pretty
  • princess
  • Rett (Garrett)
  • Rrarlee (Carlee the dog)
  • Shoes
  • Thank you
  • That
  • tiger
  • Up
  • What's that?